Kismat Ka Ticket




Jeetoh Bumper

Jeetoh Bumper: Jeetoh Bumper is the biggest and most extraordinary Free2Play™ game out there. It gives you the opportunity to win ₹50,00,000 twice a week. 8 numbers to change your destiny forever! Anybody can play and most importantly, anybody can win!

Introducing to you, Mr. Dhanraj, our very own Mr. Scrooge. The suave and charming one-horned rhino has only one goal: to make you rich beyond your dreams. He believes that although money cannot buy you happiness, money is a gateway to happiness. His aim is to make everybody as rich as him so what are YOU waiting for? Play now!

Kismat Ka Ticket

Kismat Ka Ticket: This Free2Play™ game gives you and everybody the chance to win real money. Every. Single. Day. All you have to do is submit your tickets, choose your lucky numbers and watch it rain money! Play, win and start saving for your dreams now!

To help you win and live life king size, we have Raees Raja, our very humble and magnanimous Royal Bengal Tiger. Even when the odds are against you, you can count on him to change your kismat! Thousands of daily winners swear by Raees Raja. So go ahead and win! May the odds be forever in your favor.

Kamaal Ka Sawaal

Kamaal Ka Sawaal, Live Quiz Show, Celebrity Live Game Show, Win Real Cash.

Kamaal Ka Sawaal: What a person is in his life is an accumulation of all that he has learned. It’s time to cash those learnings and convert them to earnings! Kamaal Ka Sawaal is a Live Free2Play™ trivia game, where the winners can grab real cash prizes in a matter of minutes by answering simple questions.

We have the all-knowing Buddhiram, the gentle and helpful elephant to give you a lending hand whenever you get stuck. When he’s not busy helping people win real cash, you can always find this walking-talking encyclopedia in the library pondering over multiple books at once.